Vitamin Injections

Injectable Nutrient Menu

Allergy Relief $45
decrease congestion + reduce allergy symptoms + reduce inflammation
Beach Body $40
improve metabolism + burn fat + support weight loss
Energizer $35
increase vitality + enhance well-being + boost energy
Immune Booster $45
stimulate immune defenses + prevent cold and flu + speed recovery time
B-Calm $35
decrease anxiety + promote relaxation + calm the heart and nervous system
Adrenal Revive $35
improve response to stress + increase energy + boost stamina
Detox $50
fight free radicals + eliminate toxins + cleanse the body
Tune-Up $55
restore vital functions of the body for optimal performance + slow aging process
+ improve your ability to bounce back from injury or illness
like a tune-up for your car!
Pain Free $45
relax sore muscles + ease body aches and pain
Move Well $45
decrease aches and pains + relax muscles + improve mobility
Sports Recovery $50
reduce inflammation + repair muscle + decrease pain
Tummy Calm $35
relieve intestinal spasm + reduce cramping + promote relaxation
Hangover Help $45
detoxify from alcohol + rehydrate + relieve nausea and headache
A great option before your night out!
Radiant Skin $50
reduce fine lines and wrinkles + improve skin tone and get that natural glow
PMS Relief $45
reduce cramping + boost mood + decrease bloating